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If you’re looking to move to Canada, you’ll need to know the latest news on immigration. Here’s what you need to know about the latest in Canadian immigration.

New Canadian Immigration Numbers

The latest Canadian immigration numbers show that the number of people immigrating to Canada is on the rise. This is good news for the Canadian economy, as immigrants bring new skills and ideas to the country. The increase in immigrants is also helping to offset the aging of the population. Applications have been on the rise for Provinces as the immigration focus was on PNP draws during 2020-2022 Covid period than the federal applications.

The majority of immigrants are coming from Asia, followed by Europe and Africa. This diversity is one of the strengths of Canada. Immigrants from different cultures bring different perspectives and skills to the country, which helps to make it a more dynamic and innovative place.

The Canadian government has been working to make the immigration process more efficient and welcoming. The new Express Entry system is making it easier for skilled workers to come to Canada, and the government is working on plans to welcome more refugees.

The increase in immigration is good news for all Canadians. It helps to grow the economy and makes Canada a more vibrant and diverse place.

New Express Entry Draw

The latest Express Entry draw took place on 14th Sept 2022 and saw a total of 3,250 candidates receive invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residence. This saw an increase of 500 ITAs over the last draw. This is the highest draw numbers over last 3 months. The minimum score required in this draw was 511 points, which is an decrease of 5 points over the previous Express Entry draw that took place on December 18, 2019.

The latest Express Entry draw is good news for candidates who have been waiting for an invitation to apply for permanent residence. With the minimum CRS score required gradually decreasing, this shows that the Canadian government is still interested in attracting highly-skilled workers from around the world.

If you are interested in applying for Canadian permanent residence through the Express Entry system, make sure to start preparing your application today. Our team of experienced immigration lawyers can help you with every step of the process, ensuring that your application has the best chance of success.

New Canadian Visa Options

Looking to move to Canada? You’re in luck, as there are now more visa options than ever before. Whether you’re looking to work, study, or just live in Canada, there’s a visa option that’s right for you. Check out the latest Canadian visa options below.

The Study Visa: If you’re looking to study in Canada, you’ll need a study visa. This visa will allow you to study at any Canadian University for up to four years. You can apply for this visa online or through your nearest Canadian embassy or consulate.

Canada Visa Options

-FSW Stream through Express Entry: This visa is for those who want to live in Canada permanently. To be eligible for this visa, you must be eligible for the FSW 67 Points criteria and eligible CRS score. You can apply for this visa online or contact our experienced consultant

– PNP Program- You can apply to provinces for their specific job offers with an approved employer and get selected.

New Canada Immigration Rules

The Canadian immigration had paused the offshore draws during the Covid Period; however the draws have recommenced since July with a high CRS score of 557. The score has been on a constant decline and the number of ITAs have grown steadily with latest draw with 3250 candidates being the highest.

The Canadian immigration had paused the offshore draws during the CovidPeriod;however the draws have recommenced since July with a high CRS score of 557.

The score has been on a constant decline and the number of ITAs have grown steadily with latest draw with 3250 candidates being the highest.

Canada Immigration is bringing changes for fast tracking the Student Visa and Temporary Worker Visa process and making a smooth transition to Permanent Residency. There are changes planned for the Express Entry visa with focus on economic goals like occupation, French Language and education credentials. The changes are designed to help Canada attract and retain highly-skilled immigrants who can contribute to the country’s economy.

The new rules also include changes to the Express Entry system, which is used to manage applications for certain economic immigration programs. The changes are intended to make it easier for candidates with strong French-language skills to be eligible for Express Entry.

The changes announced by the government are welcome news for skilled immigrants who are looking to make Canada their home. These changes will help Canada compete for the best and brightest talent from around the world.

Study Visa Pathway

Canada Study Visa

Apply for the study permits by applying to a DLI approved institution. Check the percentage needed to apply, check the subject requirements, For example, Maths/Non Maths options. Check the IELTS requirements for the University.

Under the SDS application IELTS score required is 6 bands each in IELTS Academic reading writing speaking and listening for the Undergraduate stream and 6.5 bands each for the Post graduate stream.

Maintain the finances as required for the Fees as you would require to pay 1 year fees in full to get the LOA from the University. CAD $10000 would be required for the GIC deposit to show funding for the one year living cost.

The most important step in the study visa application is to write a coherent SOP clearly explaining out your background, motivation to study, your research for course to study and the right University and ur plans for the future basis your newly acquired knowledge.

Its very important to have all above steps covered, any single miss can land you in a rejection. Talk to our team for professional advice.

Federal Skilled Worker Visa (FSW)

Federal Skilled Worker Visa

The most popular stream to apply is through the federal skill worker program or popularly called the FSW Stream or the Express Entry Stream. You may apply through the overseas experience; you do not need a Job offer for applying to the FSW visa. To apply for the FSW Visa the first step is to check the 67 Points criteria and the CRS score through the CRS Calculator on the CIC website. The next step would be to get your education degrees verified through accredited body like WES/ IQAS / ICES.

Under the Express Entry Stream Points are given for Age, education, experience and English language proficiency. English language skills can be tested by giving the IELTS general test or the CELPIP test. The best scores to aim would be the CLB 9 Level which has 7 bands each for reading writing and speaking and 8 bands for listening. It’s important to prepare well for the exam as it is more of a competitive test than a pure English language test. There is a pattern which you need to master through rigorous practice. Talk to our experienced teachers on how to get the 7778 bands.

The best possible combination for applying for the FSW Visa would be; AGE under 30 years , Masters Qualification, 3 years Plus experience and IELTS score of 7,7,7,8 ( 7,7,7 in reading writing and speaking and 8 in Listening).

There are multiple occupations which are in demand, its important to check the eligible NOC code relevant to your occupation. Check your occupation code on NOC website, alternately contact our counselor for right advice.

Applying for the visa can be a complicated process , however we have a team of study counselors, IELTS teachers, Celpip trainers and experienced visa team to guide u at every step pf the process for Visa success.

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