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BC PNP Latest Draw 2022- A new scoring system to be presented by British Columbia in November 2022

British Columbia has declared that another scoring system will be presented after it reopens in November 2022. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) had closed down its British Columbia PNP Nominee Program from October 12, 2022, as the NOC 2021 will be presented. The occupation codes will be moved from four-digit to five-digit code.

All the current ongoing applications accessible in the pool till October 12, 2022, will be eliminated and candidates need to reapply after the reopening of the program. The subtleties of the scoring framework will be given in November when the program resumes. As of now, the accompanying classifications are as yet open to apply through the BC PNP:

BC PNP Latest Draw 2022

  • International Post-Graduate Stream
  • Entrepreneur Stream

“More details regarding the scoring and different changes will be accessible in November when another BC PNP Skills Immigration Program guide will be posted.”

In the mean time, the BC PNP Health Authority, International Post-Graduate and Entrepreneur Immigration Stream stay open and candidates can keep on submitting applications.

National Occupation Classification system  ( NOC ) Changes

The NOC system will change in November 2022. Occupation codes will transform from a four-digit to five digit code. The progressions are being made for the classification of every occupation. Through this five-digit code, the expertise level of every occupation will separate into six classifications. The table underneath uncovers the progressions to be made in the NOC:

These TEER categories in the re-jigged NOC will replace the ongoing Skill Levels.

Skill Type/LevelTEER Category
Skill Type 0TEER 0
Skill level ATEER 1
Skill level BTEER 2 and TEER 3

Existing Requirements For BC Skills Immigration Stream

  • A full-time, uncertain proposition for employment from a BC manager in a skilled occupation (NOC expertise type 0 and ability level An or B), acknowledged by the planned competitor.
  • The up-and-comer should have the capabilities and experience expected to play out the gig advertised.
  • Just legitimately obtained work experience will be thought of.
  • The compensation offered should be tantamount to what is being paid in BC for the occupation.
  • Where the occupation offered is grouped under expertise level B, C or D, the up-and-comer should show language capability CLB/NCLC 4 in English and French in each of the four language capacities.
  • Where the occupation offered is characterized under expertise type 0 or ability level A, legitimate experimental outcomes are not needed at the hour of enlistment except if focuses are guaranteed for language; nonetheless, BCPNP might demand test results out of the blue during the application cycle.
  • Meet the base pay prerequisites as per the home situated in BC and the quantity of dependants.
  • Not have over 10% value in the BC organization offering work, in the five years going before the application and all through the application cycle.
  • BCPNP should decide there is a positive work interest or potentially viewpoint for the specific occupation.
  • Exhibit the capacity and goal to get comfortable BC
  • Submit a complete application and pay the $1,150 application fee.

BC PNP Application process

Step 1. Registration

The BC PNP works an Abilities Migration Enrollment Framework (SIRS) for its movement program. A unique admission the executives framework permits BC to focus on high-influence candidates.

Interested candidates should enlist a free articulation of interest by means of BC PNP Online framework.

Two category don’t require enlistment, intrigued candidates might apply for designation straightforwardly to BCPNP On the web: Medical services Experts and Global Post Graduates.

Step 2. Invitation to apply

SIRS works under a focuses based framework that gives candidates an enlistment score that decides if they might be welcome to apply. The score depends on various variables —, for example, level of schooling, long stretches of direct work insight and a BC business offer — that mirror a singular’s capacity to prevail in the work market and add to the common economy.

The most elevated scoring profiles get a challenge to apply (ITA) for a commonplace selection.

Stage 3. Application

In the wake of getting an ITA, the competitor should present a total application through the BCPNP Online in no less than 30 days and pay the $700 application charge.

Step 4. Nomination

Endorsed candidates get a selection testament empowering them to apply for super durable home to the national government.

To work in BC while a PR application is underway, an intrigued competitor might demand a help letter from BC ( British Columbia ) PNP.

Stage 5. IRCC application

Following health, criminality and security checks, the supported candidates get a permanent resident visa.

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