US H-1B Visa

The White House is looking into a presidential commission’s recommendations to shorten the processing time for Green Card applications and also extend the duration of work permits.  This amendment could help hundreds of thousands of immigrant families who approach the US embassy or consulates for visas, especially those from China and India.

The US government has made a few amendments and rearrangements in the regulations connected with H1B and Green Card, adding bliss to Indians. The President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans has suggested the consolidation of green card applications by making enormous scope arrangements. It has been prescribed to hold 100 percent visa interviews every three months from August 2022. It was recommended to the Domestic Policy Council to decrease the handling time frame for issuance of green cards and H1B visas to 6 months.

The report was endorsed on May 12 and communicated to the President on August 24 and the White House Domestic Policy Council  is presently auditing its proposals before they can be sent to President Joe Biden for his decision.

The report states in light of COVID-19 related conclusion and staffing limitations as well as the proceeded with impact of the 2017 travel bans, handling green cards up to the yearly cap has been troublesome. It suggests that the Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC) office should enlist extra officials to expand its ability to process Green Card application interviews by 100% in 90 days from August 2022 and by expanding Green Card applications and visa interviews and arbitrate decisions by 150% by August 2023.

The council said in the report that Green Card visa interviews and visa processing timetables ought to be restricted to a designated objective of six months. The commission  to reduce the agency’s pending  to reduce the agency’s pending family-based Green Card backlog, US Citizenship and Migration Services should review their processes, systems, and policies and establish new internal cycle time goals by streamlining processes, removing redundant steps, if any, and automating any manual approvals.

The report expresses that out of the 226,000 green vehicles accessible just 65,452 family-based inclination green cards were given in FY 2021.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of State (DOS) will keep on processing the applications outside the six month goal and sadjudicate decisions as soon a possible in the event that there is a question or more data required.

The recommendations also include adjudicating requests for temporary work  programs, for example, the H-1B and H-2A visas for farming specialists inside a range of two months broadening the time of work permit expansion to 365 days rather than the ongoing 180 days.

After the approval of the new proposals by the US government, Indians will have more ease in getting visa and green cards.

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